Sunday, 19 March 2017

Ancient spirituality , the vedas , connecting to the source.

Malas connect your energy , picking up the vibrations from inside and help you connect with the source , empowering you , building your identity yet aligning it with that which gave birth to you.
Ancient spirituality , the vedas , connecting to the source...........
Om Sham Shanishcharaye Namah

                      sphatik- himalayan crystal beads

                                  mala beads to accelerate meditative energies


Watch as the outsider

Watch as the outsider, be calm in the face of a storm, the stillness becomes me
Shani ~ stillness, inertia in action, yet abounding in energy,
om sham shanishcharaye namah

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Connecting the self with the Divine

Meditation through mantras and yagnas stream the energies such that you forget the physical body, transforming you, taking you to a higher plateau of being, connecting the sub particles of the ethereal to the real.

The nine aspects of expression of the five Pancha Bhootas are the Navagrahas.

The five principles or core energies of space, air , fire, water, earth  also known as Panch Butas are seen in each and every atom of the universe  and
 the nine aspects of expression of the five Pancha Bhootas  are the Navagrahas. 

Awareness and Leadership is represented by Surya (Sun).

Instinct or emotional reason to do an action  - Chandra 

Energy in action - Kuja (Mars).

The Intelligence in doing action - Budh (Mercury)

The objective in doing an action to achieve your goal - Guru (Jupiter)

Beauty and art in the performance of action - Shukra - Venus.

                                                     Stillness - Judgement in action - Saturn Shani.

Misinterpretation that deviates the result of an action - Rahu.

                                                     The culmination Spiritual of the result -  Ketu.

Friday, 17 March 2017


Elucidation by Dr. T. R. Khanna (U.S.A.)
Oh Shining Light!
Oh omnipresent, omnipotent God, the Giver of Light!
May You give us that all-pervading bliss.
Oh Shining Light, our true heartfelt desire is to remain happy.
May this bliss also be useful for the spiritual growth and happiness of all.

That which is not mine to take and that which I have no control over,

That which is not mine to take and that which I have no control over,
Shani the universe is blessed by you,
I rejoice in your shakti, the plays of life as they unfold,
Some tragic, some beautiful, but all blessed by you
Om Shan Shanishcharaye Namah

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Come let us rejoice in the beautiful energies of Saturn, blessings and energies that abound from you, Shani I am but a mere devotee , please strengthen my inner spirit and help me stay on my path

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